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opinion and publicly available information, often including home addresses, about people most of whom are or were government officers

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    1. FOREIGN

      officers of governments other than those of the US
      officers of international organizations of governments
      officers with diplomatic passports, diplomatic immunity, or diplomatic tax exemption

      1. A-G
        1. A-G except Germany
        2. Germany
          1. BDVP 8.5 MB
            This ZIP file from Cryptome becomes a 79-page, PDF file of some, supposed officers of the former BDVP of the former DDR. The file has last name, first name, ID number, alternate ID number, job title, initial rank, office assignment, and rank now (at time list was made). Officers are listed by city. Within each city, officers are listed by their names.
          2. DHL
            1. A-C
            2. D-J
            3. K-Z
          3. Volkswagen
          4. All other Germany

            1. A
            2. B-F
            3. G-H
            4. I-K
            5. L-Q
            6. R-Z
      2. H-M
      3. N
      4. O-T
      5. U-Z
        1. U-Z except United Kingdom and Zimbabwe
        2. United Kingdom
          1. BNP (British National Party)
          2. MI6
        3. Zimbabwe CIO
    2. FEDERAL

      1. Department of Agriculture USDA
      2. Department of Commerce
        1. Department of Commerce except NOAA
        2. NOAA
      3. Congress
        1. A-V
        2. W-Z
      4. Credit Unions
        Managers of Federally Insured Credit Unions NCUA (National Credit Union Administration)
      5. Electoral College Delegates 2008
      6. Department of Defense, DoD military
      7. Department of Education
      8. Department of Energy
      9. General Services Administration GSA
      10. Health
        1. Health and Human Services
          1. HHS Health and Human Services
          2. CDC Centers for Disease Control
          3. FDA
        2. NIH: National Institutes of Health
      11. Department of Homeland Security, DHS
        1. FPS Federal Protective Service
        2. DHS except FPS
      12. Intelligence
        1. Central Intelligence Agency
          1. a few intelligence sites CIA headquarters, Point Harvey, NCTC, Camp Peary
          2. CIA officers A-D
          3. CIA officers E-J
          4. CIA officers K-R
          5. CIA officers S-Z
          6. Related organizations especially Aero Contractors Ltd
        2. National Intelligence Council NIC
        3. National Security Agency NSA
        4. All other intelligence officers
      13. Department of the Interior
      14. Judges and other court officers
      15. Department of Justice
        1. U.S. Attorneys
        2. Marshals
        3. Bureau of Prisons
        4. Other Federal Department of Justice for example: DEA and Executive Office for Immigration Review
      16. NRC Nuclear Regulatory Commission
      17. Postal Service: USPS
      18. Reserve: Federal Reserve System
      19. Republican National Convention Delegates 2004 New York City, Listed by State.
        1. A-C
        2. D-G
        3. H-K
        4. L-M
        5. N-O
        6. P-W
      20. Social Security Administration in New York State, SSA
      21. State
        1. Department of State
        2. State Departnent Telephone Directories Foreign and Domestic
      22. Department of Transportation, DoT
      23. Trade FTC, USTR
      24. Department of the Treasury
      25. Department of Veterans Affairs
      26. Other Federal
        1. A-O for example, FCC
        2. P-Z

      1. Alabama
      2. Alaska
      3. American Samoa
      4. Arizona
      5. Arkansas
      6. California
      7. Colorado
      8. Connecticut
      9. Delaware
      10. District of Columbia Washington, DC
      11. Florida
      12. Georgia
      13. Guam
      14. Hawaii
      15. Idaho
      16. Illinois
      17. Indiana
      18. Iowa
      19. Kansas
      20. Kentucky
      21. Louisiana
      22. Maine
      23. Maryland
      24. Massachusetts
      25. Michigan
      26. Minnesota and Mississippi
      27. Missouri
      28. Montana
      29. Nebraska
      30. Nevada
      31. New Hampshire
      32. New Jersey
      33. New Mexico
      34. New York
      35. North Carolina and North Dakota
      36. Ohio
      37. Oklahoma
      38. Oregon
      39. Pennsylvania
      40. Puerto Rico
      41. Rhode Island
      42. South Carolina
      43. South Dakota and Tennessee
      44. Texas
      45. Utah
      46. Vermont
      47. Virgin Islands USVI
      48. Virginia
      49. Washington State
      50. West Virginia and Wisconsin
      51. Wyoming

      1. Introduction

        Most of the officer-contributors' names come from the FEC (Federal Political Commission) website. Most officers are local and state, some are federal, some are in the prison business.

      2. Correctional and Detention 2002-2008
        We provide home addresses for some officers.
      3. Individual Contributors Electronically Reported to the FEC, 1999-2012
        1. A-K 2.5 MB
        2. L-Z 2.5 MB
      4. Matching Fund Contributors
        1. 2000 Threshhold Contributors, 1.6 MB
        2. 2004
        3. 2008
      5. State And Local 2004-2008

      Email Addresses

    1. Employment

      Employment Officers' Home Addresses

    2. Fourth Estate

      Cities and 5-Digit Zip Codes of Some Reporters, Journalists, Editors, and Publishers


      1. publicity about this website
      2. AP Associated Press
      3. DN Mortimer B. Zuckerman's New York Daily News
      4. NWS K. Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation
      5. RDA Reader's Digest Association
      6. TWX Time Warner
        1. surnames A-G
        2. surnames H-Q
        3. surnames R-Z
      7. Viacom Sumner M. Redstone's Viacom and CBS (Columbia Broadcasting System)

    4. IDEAS
      1. An idea the Introduction to (IpedmisSM), which includes discussion of GC (geographical coordinates) records, investigation, 911 emergency dispatch, and patrol.
      2. Stress In Prison: systematic, before-and-after cortisol measurement
      3. Metals and Money

        Guesses About Prices of Commodities and Currencies



      Cryptome.org, especially its eyeball series, has photographs, and usually street addresses, of the homes of:
      1. Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair
      2. former U.S. ambassador to the U.N. John R. Bolton
      3. CIA DCI Nominee John Owen Brennan
      4. Google's Sergey Mikhaylovich Brin
      5. former U.S. president George Herbert Walker Bush's Maine home
      6. former U.S. president George Walker Bush's Prairie Chapel ranch in Texas
      7. British spies' recent New York addresses
      8. CIA Michael Anne Casey
      9. CIA Jeffrey W. Castelli
      10. former vice-president Richard Cheney's Virginia home
      11. former DHS secretary Michael Chertoff
      12. New York and District of Columbia homes of secretary of state Hillary Rodham Clinton and former president William Jefferson "Bill" Clinton
      13. former U.S. attorney general Alberto R. Gonzales
      14. former CIA director Porter J. Goss's homes in Virginia and Florida
      15. former CIA director Michael Vincent Hayden
      16. INSA (Intelligence and National Security Alliance)
      17. def chief of staff (regional targets) CIV/NSA Frank Koza
      18. CIA agent Robert S. Lady
      19. former DNI (Director of National Intelligence) John Michael "Mike" McConnell's Virginia home
      20. Michael J. Morell, Acting Director Central Intelligence Agency
      21. former deputy secretary of state John Dimitri Negroponte
      22. U.S. president Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.'s Illinois home
      23. Director of the Central Intelligence Agency Leon E. Panetta
      24. Blackwater's Erik Dean Prince
      25. CIA acting general counsel John Anthony Rizzo
      26. former defense secretary Donald Henry Rumsfeld (Chicago, the District of Columbia, and Maryland)
      27. Former California governor Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger
      28. U.S. presidents: White House inside and outside, and Camp David

      1. ELLETTSVILLE Indiana
        Ellettsville town council members' home addresses
      2. IVYLAND Borough, Pennsylvania
        Ivyland borough officials' home addresses
      3. WILSON North Carolina
        Wilson town elected officials' home addresses

      1. FindTheData
        Find the employees section in the middle of the page, then click a state name. The site provides officers' names, job TITLEs, workplaces,, and similar information about non-federal employees.
      2. lbloom.net provides Washington State government officers' names and pay, local real estate records, and much othr information which can be used to find home addresses of government officers.
      3. Salary Lists
        1. archive.org has salary lists with government officers' names and job TITLEs. Try searches such as "salary list" and "salary city".
        2. Pibuzz Government Employees

      home addresses of police officers mostly in the District of Columbia region plus other information including photographs


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